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Daedalus Project is a profit-oriented corporation that is based upon a unique business model focused upon population-related products, processes, and technologies--with a primary geographic focus upon developing countries.

Three components are of primary importance to the projects undertaken by Daedalus: they must have a humanitarian basis, be environmentally sound, and promote sustainable economic growth.

While there are many population-related issues that are deserving of attention, none are more pressing than affordable solutions to the shortfall of shelter--including structures of all kinds--and water.  Those items form the primary programmatic focus of Daedalus at this time

Daedalus' approach to the alleviation of housing poverty--including community-related structures, such as clinics and hospitals--includes the innovative application of appropriate technologies to promote labor-intensive projects in developing countries. As in the case of Daedalus' patented polymer-composite, green housing material, the projects consider the creative use of recycled materials to provide for the have-not's from the excesses of the haves.

Rather than attempting to provide solutions to problems simply by introducing products for sale, Daedalus promotes projects that will also create the means of production to achieve objectives.


In order to better appreciate Daedalus' population-related business model, some interesting population facts follow.

Estimates on population growth vary widely--particularly country by country.  In general, history reflects that it took from creation until around 1830 for one billion people to inhabit the earth.  From that point, it only took one hundred years to add another billion.  By 1960, there were three billion people in the world.  In October, 2000, the world, led by the United Nations and private organizations such as the Population Institute, in Washington, DC, acknowledged the symbolic birth of the six billionth living human being. This year, they will celebrate arrival of the seventh billion person. Read more about why population size and growth matter.

  • Daedalus Project provides low cost emergency hospital
    Daedalus' award-winning housing technology was designed to meet structural requirements for  extremely low-cost housing within the developing world.  The post-9/11 world defined national  requirements, within the United States, and Daedalus was commissioned to demonstrate its materials in another role.   Daedalus successfully demonstrated the application of its polymer-composite panels to this role under contract with the US Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security. View Video

Current News

  • Daedalus Project homes survive Haiti Earthquake
    daedalus' homes survive hurricanes and the devastating HAITI earthquake
    Daedalus received confirmation from Lifeline Christian Mission that homes constructed by Lifeline survived the earthquake-- having already survived several hurricane seasons.
    Read more TDP news.

Current Projects

  • Daedalus Project provides low-cost housing to Haiti
    Haitian relief, recovery, and restoration
    The Daedalus Project is cooperating with its affiliate organization, The Daedalus Foundation, the Lifeline Christian Mission (in Haiti), and Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) in support of recovery and restoration from the crisis in Haiti.  Visit The Daedalus Foundation and donate today.  Daedalus also intends to participate in the recovery and restoration of Haiti by providing extremely low-cost housing and structures-including hospitals, clinics, schools, campuses, and community buildings.
  • Daedalus Project provides low-cost housing to Iraqi government
    The Daedalus Project is cooperating with its affiliate organization, e-Defense Incorporated, to develop a post-conflict project for construction of low-cost housing in response to the enormous Iraqi government requirement.
  • Daedalus Project provides solar powered solutions
    solar-powered water systems
    Water poverty is a complex problem that is complicated by several factors, including a genera lack of power for processing.  Where water is accessible, solar power can provide an economical manner of pumping and filtration to meet community requirements.
  • Daedalus Projects and Safehaven Communities
    Although originally designed in response to the crisis affecting orphans of HIV/AIDS--principally in sub-Saharan Africa--Safe Haven Communities have great applicability in Haiti and elsewhere.